Monday, October 19, 2009

My Freshman Year in the THS Band - Parades!

First thing to write about, the football games, half time show, and Tuesday Night Rehearsals. The football games are just so fun. We're pretty much louder than the cheerleaders when it comes to chanting and cheering in the stands and we all have a good time. It's pretty much one of the most fun things I do. You can dance to the music and get really pumped. It's such a thrill, I wish there were more football games or some other sports game we can play at because we just love being supportive and showing off our PRIDE, RESPECT, & TRADITION for our school. I really don't care if my friends or someone else makes fun of our uniform and our top hats and plumes. When I'm in uniform, I'm just the happiest girl. I'm proud to show that I represent and play in the Torrington High School Marching Band. Also, you stand out in crowds of people when you're in uniform at games and I love when people like my friends say that we did a great job and actually took the time to watch the half time show. The half time show gets me pumped too because all eyes are on the band when we get announced and start playing. The announcer says something like please welcome the Torrington High School Marching Band, what parades or events we're doing and that we're representing Connecticut in the July 4th 2010 parade in Washington D.C. in the summer. Drill isn't too bad. Rehearsals are fun and you can do so much in just an hour or so. For the first football game, we couldn't do the whole half time show because we weren't ready. If we could all cooperate a little better, we would look so good. I'm not saying we look and sound bad. We're good enough to perform in front of a crowd and for them to think we're doing well and we have mistakes here and there, but no one's perfect. Also, we only rehearse every Tuesday and I wish we had rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday or even everyday if that could happen. But now, we have the whole show down and we look pretty good. Just again, we have some work to do and it's sad how rehearsal is only a little over an hour now.
Second thing, parades. Sadly, we didn't march in the Bristol Mums Parade because the weather was just horrible and it was wet and raining outside, so there was no way we were going to march in that weather and risk getting sick and ruining our instruments and uniforms. But if we did march that parade, I know we would've done a great job. And for the Big E. Oh boy, was that a fun day. A lot of great times. Marching for the Big E is not bad at all. The route is easy and there's always people watching you with their cameras or are cheering for you. The bands there are really nice and they support us too. There was also an officer there who had done band and etc. and he was marching with us and Mr. S told us that he said that we were the best band he's seen. That's just great to hear, I love when we get compliments for what we're doing. It was a tad hot and everyone was all sweaty, but thank God we had time to go eat and go hang around after we marched. That was a really great day. The North Adams Parade is probably the most tiring parade, honestly. But you can deal with it, just push yourself a little and that's all. Nobody has ever drowned from their sweat. It's competition and that's understandable for it to be tiring. We played 4 times passed the judges without doing band horns down, but we still sounded good. We marched 2 miles playing and marching, and wow drumline must have been really tired. Most important things to focus on while we're marching: feet, posture, horn angles. Marching is honestly not hard, at all. As long as we tried our hardest, no one's going to be happier than Mr. S.
And last, but not least. Concert band. I do like the music. We still have a lot to work on and then our first concert is in December, but we still have a lot of time to practice and go over things. The music is definitely harder, but hey, that's high school for you. Practice makes perfect.

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