Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Freshman Year in the THS Band - 1st Concert!

Our last football game to perform at for this year was a couple of weeks ago and it was also Senior Night. It was cold, exciting, and a tad bit saddening seeing as it was the seniors last night performing for the THS marching band at our football games. I wish them good luck in the future and I hope they never forget all of us. As well, I will never forget any of them since they helped me feel more welcomed being in the THS band. But anyways, now snow is falling on the ground! And to me, that is welcoming December. Also our first concert of the year is coming up, our Winter Concert, this upcoming Wednesday and I am super excited to be performing. I already received my concert dress and have already tried it on and it looks very nice. I can't wait to see how everyone looks this Wednesday because I imagine everyone looking elegant and proper. I like the songs we're playing, and I think "The Blue and The Grey" would have to be my favorite song out of all to be performing for this concert. Everything sounds so nice, and I hope we're able to make those improvements in the song "Undertow" before the concert. I have faith in the band! And we're capable of doing an amazing job. Everything is going by so quickly. Before I know it, here comes the DC trip in July 2010. Gah! Yesterday was also Hug A Band Kid Day, and I never knew something like that existed.