Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Freshman Year in the THS Band - Litchfield County Band Festival

Wow. The Litchfield County Band Festival was amazing at the Warner Theater. All of the bands did such a great job tonight. The songs played by the bands were a pleasure to listen to. I think we did well. American Elegy was heart-touching and Inchon was so intense. Compared to how we did at our Spring Concert, I think we did better. We sounded better, we were together, and dynamics and articulations are improving well. I wondered if playing Elegy made anyone cry because that would mean we played it correctly and we developed the maturity to play the song. I still think we need to work on Inchon. In the gym and in the Warner, tricks were played and sounds jumped everywhere and it personally made me confuse at some parts and I went off tempo. But thanks to Mr. S for being such a great conductor, I didn't totally mess up. The helicopter parts with the drum heads sounded so cool. I love that part of the song Inchon, it builds great intensity. The solo parts in the song sounded good too. The wonderful flute soloists filled up the room and did a great job, I'm proud of my girls. I can't wait for the Fair-well Concert. This year just went by too fast and it's unbelievable. Just wow.