Friday, August 21, 2009

My Freshman Year in Band - Band Camp August 20, 2009

Today was such an exciting day at Band Camp. I started something new as Mr. S said! Haha, I got really pumped to just be in band, and the drill before the song "Midnight Special" I ran down the line to give people high fives. It just gives me a lot of energy and to see everyone being happy to be in band. I'm so proud to be joining the band this year. There is really awesome people and they're so nice and about everyone is committed. The flute section for this year are just the best people to be playing the same instrument with, we came up with this plan and it didn't really work out that well, but we showed the band that flutes aren't weak. I never knew marching had to be so exact. You have to stay align with everyone, have a good posture, make sure your instruments are in the right positions, and you really have to make sure you're marching right. You have to roll your feet and make sure you're stepping the same as everyone else. The way you march and horn positions are very noticeable to judges and band directors and if everything is out of place, it's shown as sloppy. Also, today while we were doing parade lapses we had to repeat At the Ready, Detail, and Attention about 3 times because we aren't suppose to move when we're at attention. Mr. S and probably the students want the people who are watching us to be like, "Man, the Torrington High School Marching Band is good!" As Mr. S says, everywhere we go at least one person has seen us for the first time and first impressions are deadly. Since that saying ever went in my head, I just have to make sure everything is turning out good and everyone is doing their job correctly. We represent the Torrington High School wherever we go, and that's a big job. Everyone keeps getting better and better everyday and I am so proud to be part of this band. I can't believe band camp is almost over, it's so much fun. But thank God that band is a class and there's also Tuesday Night Rehearsals. The Band Camp party is tomorrow and students are bringing things, so I'm making sweet cupcakes! I hope rain doesn't ruin the last day of Band Camp.

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Jhon said...

I can't believe band camp is almost over, it's so much fun.
Thanks for posting...

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